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Assembly programs for all operating systems do myself(Denis Flegontov). Therefore, all questions answered, too, I do. This does not mean that their number must be less than that which currently requires a solution. In other words - write on any subject of interest to you.

WARNING! For those who want to write a review or report a bug in the program, it is necessary in the subject line clearly indicate the name of the desired program, the name of the project or "personal a question". This is due to the fact that the spam I do not read! :)


  • Why do I have to choose Shelk-test?
    Summary with answers, prepared for the Department of Education Stary Oskol + user manual in the format *.doc.
  • What do I need to participate in the project?
    Participation in the project is the same as in other free projects. I mean, you can send your bug fixes and additional features to the program, report bugs, just to give advice and etc. The most active helpers will be included in the list of core developers.
    Also there is a need for assemblies of programs for non-supported, me architectures: ARM, PowerPC, MIPS, SPARC, and etc.
  • What's the password on the edit mode for programs: Shelk-test and Klen-library?
    The default password is "Password", which you can then change at your discretion.


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