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To enable this program to Linux OS distributions do not need my permission.

Policy of version numbering:

Version number a.b.c - a - sequence of changes with respect to b and c, b - a major change (such as adding support for new file format), c - 10 small changes.

History (continuation of the history of Klen-library):

One day, when I wrote a program for creating electronic books in the Oskolsky Polytechnic College (hereafter OPC), where he studied at the time, the curator of my work (Deputy Director of EMW) gave me some information for thought. This information is as follows - it was necessary to make the system to verify mastery of the material (reading the book). This system became quickly enough, but it is a simple test editor and tester. There was no collection of results and provide a report for the instructor. And, in connection with stopping the project for technical reasons (difficulty encountered in the implementation of tables and images in the text book library), this system has never been done before the end.

Finishing the second year of the Institute I, continuing the development of Klen-library (the library project revived, rewritten in C++), started writing the second part of the program. That was in early May 2010. And, 06/06/2010 release of the first stable version of Shelk-Test.


The "Shelk-test" a program for creating tests. Designed for the professional compile a tests and test knowledge of the network. It can be used by anyone who want to quickly create test and make testing. The test takes up just 3 modules: the creation, testing, reporting module. It has a unique feature of inserting images into all types of questions. It will be possible to create a question such as "What is shown in the picture". It is suitable for use as teachers in all schools, to create tests that are required in the educational process, as well as all other workers in any field of activity, such as managers, to conduct the test examination for the qualification of their subordinates. Since all tests are stored centrally in a database, then it increases the reliability of the safety of these tests. Database SQLite3. This allows you to have a database file on any server (Windows, GNU / Linux, etc.), without having to install the database server.
All Options:
  • - Working with multiple depositories;
  • - Creating a test;
  • - Testing knowledge of the network;
  • - Rich editing text of the questions;
  • - Work with the table;
  • - Password protected editing mode;
  • - Inserting images in the test;
  • - Statistics;(*)
  • - The use of points;
  • - Use of a time;
  • - Export to file: XWT, HTML, PDF, PostScript, RTF, TXT;
  • - Import from file: XWT, TXT;
  • - Backup depository;

  • Manuals (view):
  • Manuals (download):
  • The plans:

    At the beginning of writing, Shelk-test on the internet there was no available cross-platform options for educational institutions. On this basis, it will be designed so that it had all the necessary features for creating advanced multimedia tests, while remaining as accessible as possible to buy everything, including schools.

    New tests:

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