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Planned to add new features to the "Shelk-test":

  1. Insert audio, video;
  2. Information about the test, in the time the testing;
  3. Notes on the written test, the teacher;

Planned to add new features to the Klen-library:

  1. Working with the image (zoom);
  2. Search for books in a library;
  3. Supports fb2 and xml formats;

Planned to add new features to the Klest-crossword:

  1. Using a password;
  2. Circumcision is a crossword puzzle grid;
  3. Changing method for checking for new versions;

Planned to add new features to the "OpenKlest":

  1. Reading a text file of crossword, format Across Lite;
  2. Saving the state, partially of solved the crosswords;
  3. The assistant of guessing crosswords;

  • 09/07/2016 - I am glad to present you the release version of the game OpenKlest Light Edition 2.0.0 . The game already has a 5 600 crossword puzzles. In 2 300 for each language. As long as the remaining puzzles are generated, you can send your grids templates in any way to make the game more varied and interesting. There will be 65,536 (!) Crossword puzzles.

  • 01/01/2016 - Happy New Year! Last year, a new program has been released, "Ersh-generator" which simplified the editing of my site and further contribute to its improvement. The fact that the world is waiting for OpenSource you learn in the New Year!
  • 12/01/2015 - There was a release of the program to generate static html-sites Ersh-generator 0.2.3. Now she has the following functions: editing html-pages, creating special tags that help automate and batch page generation end html-pages. When faced with the need for continued support of my static html-site, I could not find acceptable for me free program for managing static content html-pages. Found programs were difficult to learn or install, requiring a Web server and other conventions, which are not able to do regular user like me. I was made an unprecedented step for the creation of this program, which was supposed to be easy to install, and follow-up work. Welcome to the download page.
  • 07/08/2015 - I want to present you a new software development Ersh-generator - a program for creating static html-sites. It will be developed in C ++ with cross-platform Qt4 libraries already established himself as a good, reliable and relatively simple tool. The license will be GNU GPLv2.
    Since I'm the one to develop programs and also support the site itself, then add the information it became very difficult, so the program I write mainly for myself.
  • 07/01/2015 - 6 years were executed the project! Accept my congratulations! Improving the program is moving, though not fast. In this connection I wish to announce that soon will announce a new project of lab. It will be linked to my site. By the scale is not large. Details later. ;)

  • 01/01/2015 - All Happy New Year 2015!
    Yesterday I made last 6 builds program of Shelk-test for FreeBSD x64 and compile the package for distribution GNU / Linux Debian x86 / x64. Now, I prepare the source code to be published on the site.
    Just want to inform you that the recoil from my program is no and I decided to do parallel service for repair and maintenance of computers. Added activity of service as a new kind of economic activity to its business. Rented office! Now after work hours to 20:00 and on Saturday I'll be in my office. Starooskoltsy can come to me for computer help. So I can easily render services remotely through programs Ammy Admin and TeamViewer. I will have the lowest prices. This is all being done to save their tuition-free programs, and that in the future I could refuse to work "on uncle." The office is located at Belgorod Region, t. Stary Oskol, mcr. Vostochnyy h.18, 2 floor, office 12. :)
  • 07/01/2014 - Has passed 5 years since the formation of the project. Congratulations to all on this festive day!
    Code for all programs is open, supported by a large number of architectures and platfom, advertising is still no, the emphasis is on the end user, rather than any business plans, gradually are cleaned all of the code bugs - this is part of what characterizes the project and makes it stand out among other programs.
    Last year I wrote about the refusal of assembly programs in linux-packages, which was associated with the lack of extra time on this matter. Now I am working in a company system administrator. This shows the complete absence of time. Therefore, I decided to collect all subsequent versions of programs to maximize available to me the number of platforms, including linux-packages portable version and installer, as in OS Windows. Thus more and more people will be able to get acquainted with the project / program.
  • 05/04/2014 - Congratulations to all on the last holiday of spring and labor, and I wish your sunny mood!
    Finally released the long-awaited version of Shelk-test 1.6.2, which consists of two separate modules: Editing and Testing. Was only separation of program. Should pay attention to the absence of any password protecting edit mode, since now on student computers can be established only test module.
    I also want to say that to install all modules, choose "Default install", and for one module testing "Testing" in the installer program.

  • 03/30/2014 - Today I am pleased to present the experimental alpha version of the game Klest-crossword for the OS Android / Linux on mobile processor ARM.
    While this an exact copy of version for a typical computer(x86). It has increased the font of the main menu to the 12th and removed WebKit module, used to check new version. In the future, he will be replaced by Network Access Manager.
    Now being decided question of redoing the interface for touchscreen mobile devices. Also it is not clear whether or not to leave the possibility of creating crosswords or concentrate all forces on the debugging the capabilities of guessing with the new interface. Comments and suggestions on this issue can send any convenient way for you, the e-mail including. Download the alpha version you can on the download page.
  • 02/28/2013 - Release Klest-crossword 1.2.3. The main changes are: adding the ability to create a dictionary from a text file with the words; adding the ability to select the path to the dictionary file; fix a fatal error when you enter words in the grid coordinates without words; add support for file formats crossword OpenKlest 1.1; adding saving toolbar position on exit from the program. A total of 11 changes.
  • 02/16/2013 - Independent experts and teachers expertise was performed of my program Shelk-test 1.5.2.

    Side 1 Side 2

    As can be seen from the text of the decision, I could not at the time of presentation of the program commission of experts to install it on their computer. I do not know what it was related, with the lack of internet or installation disk, but the fact that in this and in all similar cases, all my efforts to create a separate linux-packages was futile, oddly enough. In the last newsletter, I wrote about the refusal of the assembly in the linux-packages. This is related to this event. :)
    Despite such a critical evaluation, I thank all the members of of the expert commission for an unbiased opinion.

  • 01/20/2013 - The new version 1.0.5 Klen-library contains 22 changes. Among them: a fix disappearance of all the images, when you insert a new page; a fix when, at the reopening of the book, the pages of books combined; error correction can not create a new book from a list of books; adding batch import all the books from the folder to the base library; appendix saving position of the toolbar on exit; removal compatible with the database library versions 0.1.9 and 0.2.5 and the removal from assembly of the module "Shelk-test". This module now needs to be downloaded separately.

    An important step in the improvement of the project is to avoid building packages for the GNU / Linux x86 and amd64 architectures. This will allow to work the programs of laboratory in the classroom or on separate computers that are not connected to the Internet and an installation CD system not available for them. So they can easily work in a rather older distributions where installing Qt4 libraries generally impossible. Fee for flexibility will be little: an increase in the size of the programs due to the fact that all the required libraries will be in the programs themselves and their theme will Plastique. And adding the installer as in Windows you will have a pleasant surprise.
    Who would not like the large size of the programs, can become maintainers for their distribution. To learn how to do it - write to technical support to them, they will tell you everything.
  • 12/27/2012 - Happy New Year! I also ask to see my message.
    Spoke on camera for the first time. :) Get to the 12th attempt. The video itself is not processed, there is neither time nor the appropriate knowledge.
  • 12/07/2012 - I was received yet another review of the program "Shelk-test", but a person with a scientific degree of candidate of technical sciences, associate professor AIMS STI SRTU "MISiS" Chichvarina A. V.

    Side 1 Side 2

    The next step in the improvement of all the programs of the project is to study the documents GOST 19 and a more detailed introduction to POSIX-standard.

  • 12/01/2012 - All congratulations to the beginning of the winter! What it will be you can find in the Synoptics, :) I will only say that the atmosphere warmed the project financially. Was obtained first return ($133) after 3 years and 5 months from the start, which is good. :-) I continue to work in the same spirit.
  • 11/14/2012 - Hello! Today I would like to report that a little more than one year of my collaboration with the Institute improvement of teachers of Stary Oskol. During this time, the program "Shelk-test" was presented to all school teachers of computer science, including two meetings in person with my participation. Since February of this year, began approbation of the program in school № 19, which I was studying :) . Teachers and schoolchildren have been requested to correct errors or add new features. Due to the fact that the program is under development only for 2.5 years and I still have some other program, I was able to satisfy only few requests. Despite this program gained the right amount of features for writing reviews Methodist Starooskolsky Institute improvement of teachers, Nasonova I. V. I express her gratitude for the objective assessment.

    Side 1 Side 2 And it's only the beginning ;)

    I recently learned about the basic principles of the POSIX standard: this division(for example individual utilities mv, cp, mkdir, rmdir, ln etc.), speed and quality. Since Shelk-test can already be used in the educational process, then I decided to separating to 5-Th-ins. More accurate to say, not a 5-Tb, and the 3 - Create test, testing and report of the Journal of tested. At the same time, the journal(statistics) will be written in C++ (Qt) and separately on bash (for unix-systems). This is due to the fact that the journal, written in C++ module will be implemented minimal web server for web interface test. While there will be debug web server, you can use bash-script to gather results Tested through Apache or another server if one is already in use on the school network.

    I plan to start with separation in the date 01/01/2013. This is due to the fact that in April 2013, I again have to pay into the pension fund of Russia, but the $566(!). By the end of January should be ready the first stable version of all modules. Your financial support is vital to me. :) .

  • 10/30/2012 - Shelk-test 1.5.2 comes with some changes. Possibility of a return to a missed issue, testing and adding detail to the statistics Tested are major changes. Other changes: saving properties of the program each time they change; Remove sensitivity register answer the question of "Enter word (sentence)", when tested; fix a bug limit the number of questions in the edit mode; Add a new field of statistics "Number of questions asked of the total" etc.
    This is the last version before the reorganization project of the "Shelk-test". This will be in the next story, when I finish the build for all platforms.

  • 10/13/2012 - Klest-crossword Light Edition 1.0.0 RC1, which was announced in January of this year, renamed in OpenKlest Light Edition. About 45 days lasted development version 1.0.0. Code has been completely rewritten from a pure C to C++ using classes. Added support for unicode, it is possible to verify the correctness of guessing the puzzle.
    While Facebook solve the problem of code performance, I decided not to experiment and immediately began to write code in C++. This has facilitated the fact, that the format OpenKlest 1.1 binary and that the resources of my virtual server is limited. In the code, almost all integer variables and not more than 1 byte(unsigned char). In this connection, the storage architecture puzzles presented in separate folders on 256 puzzles in each. There can be 256 folders. Thus, the maximum number of puzzles available to guess, can reach 131 072 crossword on both languages ​​(English and Russian).
    You can guess at this address, and download a stable source - from the download page.
  • 08/27/2012 - New version a game OpenKlest 1.0.0. New features: support for Unicode crossword puzzle, crossword puzzles validation, statistics of gamers. Verification opened file crossword, will correct fatal error. A total of 11 changes.

  • 08/24/2012 - Recently signed a contract between me and OJSC "Sberbank of Russia" to provide my users with the ability to make donations in any way. Only now there is an opportunity to help the project through any cash Sberbank, terminal or system Sberbank online. Until recently, you could say that there is no such account in their database. Now he is, just in April, 2011, at the opening of the current account, no one suggested to me that this is necessary to conclude a separate contract.
    You can contribute money on arbitrary details. For convenience, I have prepared the receipt. I draw your attention to the fact that in the field "Appointment of Payment" written "Payments for services". The fact is that, in fact I carry you with services for the development of their programs, but the charge for them is arbitrary :) . The bank will also be easier to process these payments - donations, and until I started a foundation, I will pay taxes on all deposited funds.
    You can make your first donation. When transferring money, the percent you are will not charged as for utility services, I made ​​sure of :) .

  • 07/25/2012 - Great news for users of programs and for people just interested in the project. The laboratory presents a copy of the game OpenKlest(Lazarus), rewritten in C# under the platform of Microsoft .NET - OpenKlest .PH 0.5.0. It is already possible to verify the correctness of solving a crossword. It has a tablet interface, easily assembled in MonoDevelop up and running in GNU / Linux and other OS.
    Author Vladimir Skrypnikov aka Pheonix. You can download from the download page.
  • 05/18/2012 - A new version Klest-crossword. 1.0.0. Reached another peak. This is the export a crossword puzzle into RTF-document. Now you can effortlessly use the power of word processor MS Word and OO Writer, in the preparation of a crossword puzzle to print. RTF-format is easily restored in *.doc and other formats are needed for storage or further proliferation.
    I remember a letter came to me one day that a person can not use my program to create a crossword puzzle. This was due to incorrect numbering of words and questions, when printing and exporting. Newspapers was not take his crosswords. So now, this bug is fixed, and I hope Klest-crossword will be a good companion for those involved in the creation of crossword puzzles for newspapers and magazines. Thank me for the work done will be a new way, pay to electronic invoices to my working cell phone (+7-910-222-4341). Sim card was purchased for long-distance and international calls. So, your gratitude will help me to expand my connections outside the city and region :) .
    A total of 21 changes into Changelog included.
  • 03/29/2012 - Despite the long period of time to make changes in the course of development, Klen-library goes out on time. Version 1.0.0 contains the following changes: optimization of loading of the book up to 10 times, fix inability to the normal work with imaging; the addition of export books in PDF, PostScript, RTF; correct printing of the book file encryption, update module "Shelk-test" to version 1.0.0, the possible to check the new version from the Internet, improving the safety of the program, and so on. A total of 27 changes :)
  • 02/18/2012 - Hello, laboratory moves to fully open the way of development. This means that I started using a version control system git to write all programs. Now, more errors can be corrected before release. Now this is especially true when I do 19 assembly of programs for 4-architectures and 6 platforms.

  • 01/21/2012 - Today I would like to announce that starting beta testing a new program Klest-crossword Light Edition 1.0.0. Link to access it. It is a program Klest-crossword puzzle, having only one function of guessing a crossword puzzle in format of OpenKlest. Designed to work with all mobile devices. Support should be provided with all standard web browsers, so the code beta-version will be commented and posted on the ftp-server after several hours.
  • 01/12/2012 - Due to the fact that the programming language php, I just started to learn, then search on the site made ​​using "grep" + cgi-script to "bash". On the cgi-script code search, you can look by downloading it from download page. He is looking so far only one word and Cyrillic text is case sensitive, so it is very important your advice and comments on the code.
  • 12/15/2011 - The long-awaited first version (1.0.0) software Shelk-test finally released. We have added new features: check if a new version via the Internet, print a test, print statistics, export tests to HTML, RTF, PDF, PostScript and plain text format. Fixed 9 of errors. A total of 26 changes. I want to note the use of cross-platform method for determining the system temporary directory and user directory.
    With the release of first version changes of the policy to the numbering of the program Shelk-test on more specific.
    Congratulations to all the teachers a Happy New Year! I wish you a thoughtful and talented pupils! And to test their acquired skills, I think my programs will be indispensable helpers.
  • 12/02/2011 - Congratulations to all from the beginning of winter! Also reported that since the day I started to spread in free access disk images of virtual machines on which the build program laboratory. This is due to the fact that I want to attract more people to develop as well as for building / debugging of programs. Download these images, please visit the technical support, together with the corresponding distributions of operating systems.
  • 11/12/2011 - Here and now available for download a new version of Shelk-test 0.4.7. Now she fully supports the ability test knowledge of the network. All results are automatically saved to any network folder selected in the program properties. The second improvement is associated with the addition of a simple text file import test. Comments in it made as in the kernel file OS FreeBSD. Begin with "#" character, which, incidentally, is the standard for most configuration files OS family Unix. Detailed explanation of the style of writing text version of the test are within the approximate file assemblies. There were 15 changes made, including another code optimization, reduced the size of the executable file about 15 KB in each assembly.
  • 10/27/2011 - The new version 0.3.7 software Klest-crossword was fixed a bug a memory leak when importing a crossword puzzle format OpenKlest(*.ok). Fixed bug consumption of large amounts of memory when compiling multiple crossword. 0.2.9 In the memory left of around 2 MB for a crossword puzzle. Now you can create a crossword puzzle total 106 000 with memory 256MB(!). On the test machine with 256 MB RAM was drawn 10 000 crossword puzzles. Additionally there is an export to PDF. The memory usage was only 24 MB(!). At the beginning of the test was 15 MB. At the end of 39 MB. This influenced the dramatic increase in version number by 8 points.
    Yet been replaced by an array from a static to dynamic presentation. Other changes are not so important. A total of 18 made improvements.
  • 10/15/2011 - I want to tell that ended the experiment with crossword puzzle, whose goal was to create a copy of Klest-crossword puzzle, written in Lazarus. The project OpenKlest started in March this year and is now fully tested format crossword OpenKlest 1.0. This format has an interesting feature, which is contained in the excellent support of two programs written in two different languages. This was achieved at the expense of its simple structure is sufficient to store and display a crossword puzzle.
    Meet with the project may be on his personal page, and download to the download page. Available version 0.4.5. Now Delphi developers can participate in the project as a developer. We are pleased to be taking all the tips and code of software add-ons.
  • 09/26/2011 - Here's a new version of Klen-library - 0.2.5. Of the major changes should be noted: the acceleration of the search functions to forward pages of the book, the optimization function to change the font of the dialogue, the introduction of the main executable program using a separate window. There were 15 changes made??.
    I recently started to spread phased source code on some Internet forums. I want to thank those who give me good advice and does not take away my time in vain. Version 0.2.5, Klen-library contains a 2-and the changes are sent to those who are interested in the project. We continue to work together. :)
  • 05/24/2011 - Some users may be asked: "And how programs laboratories work in other operating systems? Are all programs of cross-platform?"
    Assuming that such questions must be asked, I decided to record the video to work with one of my software on all systems. The choice fell on klest-crossword. Got a 10 minute video showing that it is true. It is available on the documentation page.
  • 05/21/2011 - Shelk-test 0.4.4 this is a new version of the program, which sets targets for correcting errors (15 pieces) and add other types of exports.
    In developing this version, I encountered some difficulty in testing the feasibility of exporting to other formats (PDF, HTML and others). In this regard, it was decided to rewrite 10% of the code to optimize. After all changes to the executable file in windows-version reduced to 48 KB, which is very good.
    Largely among the 25 changes, is considered a new form of response to a question such as "Installation sequence". Now you can simply add to the list of responses their answers in the correct sequence. In the tests, they will automatically be mixed. The answer now is a simple movement of any two options in the list of responses to establish the correct sequence.
    Because of the many poorly understood, emerging around the source code of my programs and patents on them, from this day forward I will be more news on my own behalf, while the free community can not understand what rights it provides General Public License. One of the reasons - remove 3 of my programs from
  • 03/08/2011 - Finished testing the new version of Shelk-test 0.4.3. The program works with multiple storage tests. It is possible to create an archive database backup tests. Significant improvements are: compression with encryption export XWT test format and a new form of password storage mode as a hash. There were made: 8 appendices, 7 bug fixes and 10 other changes.
  • 02/18/2011 - Work has begun on adding new features to the program Shelk-test, version 0.4.3. The main change will be backup depository tests. On this will be set aside the three week.
  • 02/14/2011 - Optimized algorithm for determining the origin of words, which is part of the selection function of words in the dictionary, in compiling the crossword. Increasing the speed of a crossword puzzle will be very noticeable to the crossword puzzle 20x20 grids, and more. Test Crossword (37x37) showed an increase in speed positioning of words in the 800(!) Times, which affected the overall duration of Crossword. The average time gain was 2.5 times.
    Among other improvements in the program Klest-crossword, version 0.2.9 - Add ability to rotate the crossword and exports in the following formats: HTML, PDF, PostScript, text format AcrossLite, OpenKlest(*.ok).
  • 02/05/2011 - Among the few innovations in the program Klest-crossword, version 0.2.9, will be optimized algorithm crossword. The average increase rate of - 2,5 times. The release will be made next week.
  • 01/30/2011 - Some boards raises the question about the installation of any operating system. Possible options for the replacement of the famous Windows on the analogues. While there are fairly strong arguments on various issues. For example: "Is the Linux operating system to work at all on the desktop (home computer)?".

    To provide some clarity, in the views on various operating systems, Laboratory, it was decided to record video tutorials on all major operating systems(Installing). You can see them here.
  • 01/05/2011 - Klen-library version 0.1.9 provides users new features: a file compression book (up to 5 times), the interface for working with multiple databases, the library database backup (with compression). Now we have a unique opportunity to back up the library, which, we hope you will appreciate in worth.
  • 12/28/2010 - Lab Free Technologies, represented by the author of the project, from the soul wishes all a Happy New Year 2011.
    Klen-library version 0.1.9, will provide users with new, more user-friendly interface for multiple databases of the library.
    Now comes the testing of new features. The release will be made before Christmas.
    Also reports that in March-April 2011, the user is waiting for something interesting. About it, i'll let one of the news, after some time.
  • 12/12/2010 - Options 4 editions, combines the release of the Shelk-test version 0.4.2. Totally 25 changes. Among them: Fixed a bug that made 15 additions and 9 other changes.
    Now you can test anytime. Added the ability to manually start and stop the test, with entering information in the statistics being tested. It is now possible save (export) to a file and load (import) from the file test. Add a list of questions for quick navigation. The most important addition, which was produced - it's introduction into the source code of the module with the classes of errors. Thus, the bugs will be handled by the standard, more reliable way.
    Before New Year, the Laboratory will make another release. To learn what the program - continue to follow the news.
  • 11/28/2010 - Everything is going according to plan. Laboratory until December 1 has finished work on the next version (0.x.x) Shelk-test and in early December it expects to release. Has a function of time recording and another N-th number of additions.
    Good news - the author of the project ( Denis Flegontov ) is now available for free communication on the "facebook" - . Come to chat, ask questions, communicate.
    The blog will be the newest information about the project. The same will be posted new photos in the course of programming, so you can see, that soon release.
  • 11/18/2010 - Draw a crossword puzzle grid in pencil, multiple automatic choice of words, and then export, cleaning words, grids and all the crossword puzzle; inversion, vertical and horizontal reflection. What is it? This new program features Klest-crossword, version 0.2.8.
    A total of 21 changes, including: fixed 3 bugs, made 12 additions and 6 other improvements.
    The Laboratory is working at full power - expect the next release of the test, where we try to make as many changes.
  • 09/10/2010 - Klen-Library continues to improve. Improves comfort (added hot keys), while maintaining the quality and stability. Now you can not just add a table in a page of the book, but also to edit existing ones. To account for the users, adding definitions and fix the beginning and end of the book, as in edit mode and in read mode. Another change: Fixed an error, the test module has been updated to version 0.4.1, an opportunity to enter a user name, after changing the context menu of the fields for editing the book, it was a translation into Russian.
  • 09/01/2010 - Knowledge Day is celebrated on the Laboratory by released new video of work with the program "Klest-crossword". Then the recording will be made to work with the library and a test.
  • 08/18/2010 - The next release of the test-0.4.1 goes by the proprietary name "Shelk test". This version is - the first that fully satisfies the basic requirements for creating a full test. Added a unique feature of inserting images into all types of questions. This will make the issue such as "What is shown in the picture", with a choice of different types of choices. For your convenience, the journal was integrated into the base with the tests and to see yet presented in the form of statistics with a list of results tested. Another added hot keys, registration points, putting the name test and corrected 2-e error.
  • 08/10/2010 - Despite the large load on "Laboratory" (the beginning of the new school year), we were able to release the next version of the Klest-crossword-0.2.7. With the new semi-automatic input words from the dictionary, an opportunity to create both thematic and crosswords necessary complexity. Other changes: Added printing, statistics, hot keys, the player's name, has increased the maximum size of the crossword, corrected third error and there are a few minor fixes.
  • 06/30/2010 - The updated version of the test - 0.3.5, added new types of questions: a lot of answers, enter the words (sentences) from the keyboard, enter the number from the keyboard, the installation sequence of responses. Changed the structure of the database test. There are a few minor fixes.
  • 06/18/2010 - In connection with the requirements of users began to open the source code of Klen-library (as promised). This process is not too fast. The Laboratory is engaged in the development of their projects, is preparing to launch the school year to the library and the test could begin functioning in all the (volunteer), education is no longer in the test and in operating mode.

    Bringing the source code in a presentable appearance takes a long time so to save the history of code - it will be opened gradually.
  • 06/14/2010 - There was one event which can not but rejoice "Laboratory" - Electronic library has acquired proprietary name: "Klen-library". And it is already under a new name, version 0.1.4. The program "test" has been integrated into It so that now teachers can make control slices knowledge without leaving the program "Klen-library. Was added to the function of the print, with the ability to print to a file in PDF and PostScript. The same text is now possible to align the desired area and change its registry.
  • 06.12.2010 - Pegged to the credit card account payment system PayPal, now has another proven way donations.
  • 07.06.2010 - Today, a wonderful day. Day release of the new software has a "Lab Free Technologies". The program is called "Test" version: 0.3.1. It is designed for creating, editing of the tests and testing. The first version was well established and is stable. One of the distinguishing features that separate it from its analogues: a standard interface such as a "Electronic Library" and "Klest-crossword", which was specially made for the convenience of all users, regardless of the level of computer skills. Amateur crosswords easily master the "Test" or "Library", at the same time, after reading the book and the subsequent testing - you can relax and unwind, they solve a crossword puzzle.
    Totally, shake your programs, running, criticize, write reviews. The project has many of ideas implementations of different functions, but we are developing a program for you, so your opinion is very valuable.
  • 05/26/2010 - 0.1.3 - This new version of the Electronic Library. All users who have databases of books, you want to make a few simple steps to transfer its base in the new version, as specified in guide user.

    New changes:
    • - Fixed possible loss of a password when exporting;
    • - Added protection documents for more information in view of random change;
    • - Added function to export all books;
  • 05/16/2010 - Reached another goal. Now the program can work with a standard text file format AcrossLite, importing him to guess. Fixes in version 0.2.2:
    • - Now you can import a crossword puzzle, in a text format AcrossLite;
    • - Fixed a fatal error, not allowing you to create crosswords more than 18x18;
    • - In the "Help" menu items added: "Donate" and "Get the source code";
  • 05/05/2010 - Brought to the stability program Klest-crossword - 0.2.1. Reworked virtually all of the code has been optimized a lot of weaknesses. Has its first fully working version of the function selection of words from the dictionary. Changed the file format of a crossword puzzle. Users can now to guess on the 100 puzzles in each language. A small part of the changes:
    • - Fixed a fatal error occurred during the second automatic choice of words, after the automatic creation of a grid;
    • - Fix algorithm for choosing the words from the dictionary;
    • - Fixed automatic insertion of words in the crossword grid;
    • - Fixed bug with incorrect input words in the crossword grid, when you click "OK";
    • - Fixed export of images, with manual crossword;
  • 04/25/2010 - The next release of Electronic Library - 0.1.2. Improvements:
    • - Now you can add more information of arbitrary content in the form of links to individual files;
    • - Added ability to select the user option save the workbook with the password or without it;
    • - Added protection of the editing program own password, with the possibility of future change;
  • 21.04.2010 - Changed the wallets of the payment system Webmoney, received an initial certificate. Open all the required fields to view it - now you can make sure that the author are not a robot, but quite live a normal man, who waits on you thanks to the donations.
  • 16.04.2010 - After 5 months of hard development beyond the first stable version (0.1.1) Electronic Library. Anyone who wants can take the risk, start creating databases of their electronic books (documents). Changes:
    • - Added ability to import / export a simple text format encoded utf-8;
    • - Added a search function words in the book;
    • - Fixed some bugs with buttons panels;
  • 27.03.2010 - Available for download a fresh version of the program Klest-crossword-0.2. Some points that have changed:
    • - Added Icons "Oxygen", distributed under license GNU GPL;
    • - Fixed a bug when exporting a crossword puzzle in the picture formats JPG, JPEG, TIFF;
    • - Added ability to select the dictionary. The options are: Russian (31 000) and English (41 000). Dictionaries fully processed and ready for the full establishment of crossword puzzles;
  • 15.03.2010 - The next beta release of the program Electronic library-0.1. Important changes:
    • Added icons "Oxygen", distributed under license GNU GPL;
    • When editing the font, it changes now, not for the entire text page, and by parts (words, sentences, paragraphs, etc.);
    • Improved import of HTML-documents, including the copying of images that are converted to PNG;

    All changes and you can see in the menu "Changes".
  • 07.03.2010 - After a long break out an updated version of the electronic library, now 0.0.9. Among the major changes:
    • Increased speed downloads books from the database of almost 20 times(!);
    • Fixed random display of images on the pages;
    • Fixed bug when exporting books in html-document when the directory with images created in the working directory, instead of user-specified;

    All changes look in the menu of "Changes".
  • 27.02.2010 - Linux users can now install the software Klest-crossword habit for a way, using RPM-or DEB-packages in which the information was added to all the required dependencies on other software packages. Also on site is a link was added in the menu on the FTP-server as an alternative downloads programs. Who accustomed to working with FTP-server is now able to use this new opportunity.
  • 28.01.2010 - Today the project a great day - we opened the source code of the program Klest-crossword. Included in the develop! Information was added to the page "About" on the issue of bank cards. Making a donation!
  • 13.01.2010 - Became available for the downloads version 0.1.9 program Klest-crossword. What has changed in the new version:
    • Fixed a fatal error occurs in the absence of a dictionary;
    • Fixed a fatal error that occurs when the ending words in the dictionary;
    • Fixed a fatal error occurs when there is a choice of words in the grid with words of more than 18 letters - given a time limit, in compiling a crossword puzzle, the grid size to 18x18;
    • Added possibility of an asymmetric hand-editing the crossword grid;
    • Modified mode of the program the default view mode.
  • 29.12.2009 - New beta-release program Klest-crossword, version 0.1.8. Changes:
    • changed the algorithm for selecting words from the dictionary (Beta 3), with a little optimization;
    • Fixed error when exporting a crossword puzzle in the image;
    • change automatically switch between the direction of words in the manual - right-clicking. It was done to facilitate support in the future format of crosswords AcrossLite.
  • 24.12.2009 - Congratulations to you, dear users, with the New Year and Christmas. In 2010, will be open source code klest-crossword puzzles, then you will be able to participate in the creation of the program, which will be necessary for you to function and which will satisfy all your needs. Just want to note that in the new year plans to open source code for the Electronic Library. Program is absolutely free and all it would be possible only with your active support.
    On the download page became available a new version of the Electronic Library 0.0.8. Swing, testing.
  • 16.12.2009 - English dictionary was added in the Klest-crossword puzzles, and your attention is a new program with a test called Electronic Library, which lets you create e-books and everything centrally stored in a database SQLite 3, with the ability to export and import books from her. More details are on the page "Description of programs".
  • 02.12.2009 - Found error. In Windows does not open the dictionary, respectively, the automatic choice of words from the dictionary is not working. To repair it should be on the download page to download and unzip the archive in the directory with the program.
  • 22.11.2009 - Crisis and the interest of the users which are in my program, do not give the rest, so emerged into the light of regular beta-release program ... but under the other (brand name) -
    © "Klest-crossword". Will soon be available a new resource, fully Initiation of this program: "". There will be several new interesting sections of the site.

    Version 0.1.7 - changes:
    • If you enter words in the crossword puzzle, it checks the number of entered letters into the field "Enter the word";
    • In the properties table crossword-off opportunity to enter the letters directly into the cell, bypassing the "Enter the word";
    • changed color styles of some components;
    • In the status bar added a component that displays the number of letters.;
    • Added check of saving the changes made to the crosswords, exit using the menu "Crossword->Quit";
    • Dictionary decreased from 58.7 at 57.2 MB. Completely reworked the words of 2 and 18-letters.
  • 14.11.2009 - All the newspapers dedicated. To fans - the same. 8 months ago I began to study the programming language C++ from scratch. After some time, took up the study of cross-platform Qt toolkit for C++, as seen for the future the language of Delphi, which I tried to write different programs. For full consideration of all possibilities of this library decided to write some program to complete its development until the end. The idea picked up a crossword puzzle. To date, can say with confidence that the program of professional crossword puzzle worthy of completion. That I mean what I will do a little break at work (not more than 3 weeks), because all this time, development was conducted for 16 hours a day (formed much debt in the institute). I rely on your material and technical support. Test, criticize! Write to feedback. A program in professional crossword already version 0.1.6, the following changes:
    • Fixed. In view mode, after entering the words in the "Type a word and click on" OK "button, there was disappearance of the previous word, together with the issue.;
    • Fixed. While viewing, selecting questions from a list of questions, and typing the words in the box "Enter the word" and click on "OK" button is not going to add the entered words in the crossword grid.;
    • Fixed. In edit mode, after compiling a crossword puzzle on the same grid more than once or when you return to the word not found, there was a shift in the coordinate expression of the coordinates of the next or previous, when choice question from the list of questions. Text selection in the grid crossword words, different from the chosen.;
    • Added ability to export a crossword puzzle in the image: JPG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, XPM, XBM, PPM;
    • Added window with information about the program, the author, transfer and licensing;
  • 30.10.2009 - There is a professional crossword-0.1.5, with altered function of the automatic selection of words from the dictionary (Beta 2). This first version of the program, which has a set of minimum functions required for professional work, but far only for the amateur. Periodicals should stock up even a small amount of patience.
  • 8.10.2009 - have joined the program classic crossword puzzle editor and crossword puzzles in the classic professional crossword puzzle, which has the following functions:
    • Creating a crossword puzzle;
    • Editing a crossword puzzle;
    • Guessing a crossword puzzle;
    • Validation guessing a crossword puzzle;
    • Conservation status incompletely guessed crossword puzzle;
    • Automatically create a crossword puzzle grid (beta);
    • Automatic selection of words from the dictionary (beta);
    • Adding / removing words from the dictionary;
    • Save created a crossword puzzle grid, as a template for the new.
  • 11.08.2009 - In the program editor of the classic crossword puzzles, new functionality:
    • Creation template crossword puzzle;
    • Retention template you created a crossword puzzle;
    • Retention Open crossword as a new template.

  • 6.07.2009 - There has been little change in the programs. File crossword will now have the extension ".xwcross". In connection with this changed the dialog box, which filters out the selected file type. Fixed several bugs related to the cleaning table crossword. The next time I put update when added to the classic crossword puzzle editor of the function of preserving and selection of templates.
  • 1.07.2009 - The project started its work. The project aims to develop free cross-platform programs. It was decided to start a program for creating and guessing the classic crossword puzzles - crossword puzzle about the Classics (professional version), which could be used by both amateurs and print publishing house (newspapers, magazines). The first will be released in Student version, which will constitute two programs: the editor of the classic crossword puzzles and classic crossword puzzle. With the help of teachers can create tests in the form of a crossword puzzle, and students will be more interesting to answer the test questions in the form of the game.

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