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    Game Guide "OpenKlest" 1.0.0(08/21/2012)

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    The game is capable of easy solving a classic crossword puzzles.

    This game is a kind of project-port the game Klest-crossword to Lazarus (Delphi). Posed the task of bringing everyone to participate in the creation of the best of game for the creation-solving crossword puzzle. It still allows only solve crossword own format OpenKlest, which exports Klest-crossword with version 0.2.9. To begin the project already joined other programmers - there is a port on the platform Microsoft .NET :)

    Ergonomic interface allows you to start working with the program almost immediately. The user is given complete freedom to choose the operating system to game. This is possible because the program is cross-platform and is not prescribed in the registry that allows it to quickly port and deploy to any number of computers. At a separate order - will be ported to your platform. Possible options:
    Architectures: m68k, i386, amd64(EM64T), Sparc, PowerPC, PowerPC64, Alpha, ARM, armeb, mipsel;
    Platforms: MacOSX, GNU / Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, eComStation(OS/2), BeOS, Haiku, NetBSD, QNX, NetWare, OpenBSD, Darwin, WinCE, Symbian, Amiga, Atari, PalmOS, MorphOS, Wii,

    Now assemblies are available for 2-architectures: Intel x86, amd64(EM64T) and platform Windows.


    OpenKlest can guessing crosswords.

    Main window is shown on Image 1.

    Image 1. "Main window".

    When you click on the grid, will be selected only the white cells, changing its color to green, creating thereby a word, from one black cell to another. The Direction may change automatically, while the black cells in the selection are not included(Image 1). The highlighted word appears in the "Word" where it can be edited or entered on a new, provided that the field was empty. In the box below the word, the question displayed, corresponding to the selected word. Simultaneously with these actions there is an allocation question from the list of questions, which is located below the crossword. After clicking "OK" a new word appears in the grid, and the text of the question in the list.

    You can select a question from the list - there will be the same actions as described above.


    When starting the game, you need to enter the gaming nickname. Image 2.

    Image 2. Window "Entering nickname".


    To open the crossword is necessary: in the "Crossword" select "Open..." - Open The Open dialog box crossword puzzle, which is shown in Image 3.

    Window 3. Window "Open crossword".


    For solving a crossword puzzle, you must click on the white grid area. There will be a selection of white cells, change color to green, from one black to another. Focus moves to the field "Word" where you can be fit the right word, after reading the question, which is below the field. At the same time highlight the issue in the list of questions bottom of the window. Conversely, you can highlight the question in the list of questions - will automatically get a green word in the grid crossword puzzle (Image 1).


    After the user has guessed the crossword puzzle or no longer able to guess a single word, he can check how true undeciphered crossword puzzle, select "Crossword->Check". There will be a comparison of his words with the correct answers, the result will be presented as a percentage. Next, open the Statistics window so that he could look at the overall picture of their guess.


    Statistics is a table in which there are: user name, the name of a crossword puzzle, crossword percentage guessing the date and time of termination guessing crossword. Image 4.

    Image 4. Window "Statistics".


    Changing the language happens automatically respectively language system.


    Exit the program is carried out from the "Crossword->Exit".


    Main Menu

    Menu "Crossword"

    "Crossword->Open..." (Ctrl+O)

    Opens a dialog box that is used to open files crosswords.


    Needed to close the open crossword.

    "Crossword->Check" (Ctrl+C)

    Checks are correctly guessed the crossword puzzle.

    "Crossword->Statistics" (Ctrl+S)

    Opens window of the statistics.

    "Crossword->Exit" (Ctrl+Q)

    Closes the program.


    Menu "Help"

    "Help->About program" (F2)

    Displays information about the program and its version.


    Opens this game guide.

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