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    Game Guide "Klest-crossword" 1.2.3(02/21/2012)

    Copyright © 2009 - 2013 Lab Free Technologies

    The game for guessing the crossword puzzles. Designed for professional compiling, editing and easy guessing american and classic the crossword puzzles.

    A distinctive feature of the program Klest-crossword, crossword is exporting to 14 different file formats: RTF, PDF, PostScript (*. ps), HTML, Text format AcrossLite, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, XPM, PNG, XBM, PPM, OpenKlest (*. ok). Not remain without attention and a fast algorithm for making crossword puzzle, with the ability to automatically export that allows to create 1000 crossword puzzles in 30 minutes. This is a crossword puzzle in a 2-e seconds (grid 17x17).

    Ergonomic interface allows you to start working with the program almost immediately. Development of functions for creating a crossword puzzle may take a few minutes. The user is given complete freedom to choose the operating system to work. This is possible because the program is cross-platform, uses the SQLite3 database for the dictionary and is not prescribed in the registry that allows it to quickly port and deploy to any number of computers. At a separate order - will be ported to your platform. Possible options:
    Architectures: Intel x86, amd64(EM64T), PowerPC, PowerPC64, ARM(!)
    Platforms: Windows, MacOSX, GNU / Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, MeeGo, eComStation(OS/2), NetBSD, QNX, OpenBSD, WinCE, Symbian, iOS, Android, Haiku

    Assemblies are available now for 4 architectures: Intel x86, amd64(EM64T), PowerPC, ARM(!) and 3 platforms: Windows, MacOSX, GNU / Linux.


    Crossword can operate in two modes: "Editing" and "Guessing". In editing mode you can create and edited crossword. In guessing mode you can view and guess crossword.

    Main window is shown on Image 1.

    Image 1. "Main window".


    When you first open the game, checks to see if the options file in the system. If he is not found, it shows the welcome screen(Image 2) with short information about the game.
    Location of the file by default:
    Windows - %APPDATA%;
    Unix - $HOME/.config;
    Embedded Linux - $HOME/Settings;
    Mac OS X - $HOME/.config;

    Image 2. "Welcome".


    When the game starts will need to enter the name of the gamer. This name will be used for statistics game. Image 3.

    Image 3. "Entering the name of the gamer".


    To create a crossword puzzle should be: in the "Crossword" select "Create..." - opens the window "Input parameters crossword grid, as shown in Image 4.

    Image 4. Window Input parameters crossword grid ".

    In this window there are 3 counters: "Number of rows"(999), "Number of columns"(999), "Cell Size"(999) in the location chosen these values are changed accordingly: the number of rows, number of columns and the cell size of the future crossword puzzle.

    In the menu "Edit" items are: "Cell Color" and "Words".


    When you select items from the menu "Color of the cell, it will be possible to change the color of the cell, creating thereby a new type crossword puzzle (Image 5). If you selected "symmetrical", then when you click on a cell its color changes from white to black and vice versa - from black to White, along with the current cell changes color and symmetrically placed her cell. If you select "Do not symmetrical, then a change in color on a single cell.

    The grid can be quickly drawn as a pencil, at a fixed position down the left mouse button.

    Image 5. The appearance of a new crossword puzzle.

    If "Words" will be granted only to white cells, changing its color to green, creating thereby a word. Allocation will occur only in a horizontal or vertical-only, from one black cell to another. The Direction may change automatically, and click the right mouse button, while the black cells in the selection are not included (Image 1). The highlighted word appears in the "Enter the word" where it can be edited or entered on a new, provided that the field was empty. In the words displayed below the question, corresponding to the highlighted word. Simultaneously with these actions there is an allocation issue from the list of issues, which is located below the crossword. After clicking "OK" a new word appears in the grid, and the text of the question in the list.

    You can select a question from the list - there will be the same actions as described above.

    Cleaning the crossword is made of the item "Edit->Clear".
    Item "Edit->Clear->Grid" - removes the crossword puzzle grid, leaving a white canvas, ready to paint the new grid. Moreover, if the grid were the words of the crossword, then they are also deleted.
    Item "Edit->Clear->Words" - only removes the words from the crossword puzzle grid, so that you can then edit the crossword grid.
    Element "Edit->Clear->All" - deletes the word and crossword puzzle grid.

    Crossword puzzle is a reflection of its mirror form.
    Horizontal reflect the crossword puzzle by selecting the menu item "Edit->Mirror->Horizontally".
    Vertical reflect the crossword puzzle by selecting the menu item "Edit->Mirror-> Vertically."

    Those who are easier to paint the words, rather than the contours around the words, you need to do the inversion cells.
    It is made from the menu "Edit->Inversion".

    Rotate the crossword done from the menu "Edit->Rotate". Available rotate to the right and rotate to the left.


    Also in crosswords, you can specify the desired font, selecting "Edit->Font..." - Opens the standard dialog window for selecting the font. (Image 6).

    Image 6. Window "Select Font".


    Function, accessible from the "Automation->Grid", allows to generate a crossword puzzle grid, to facilitate its establishment. If you create a grid would not meet current requirements, then you can tweak manually from the menu "Edit->Color cell", as stated above.


    After the grid is ready, you can save it as a template crossword puzzle, select the "Crossword->Save As...". For subsequent opening of the template, you must select the "Service->Templates..." Window shown in Image 7. It should also be noted that mesh with the entry of the words yield conservation in the form template. This includes open-finished crossword. Folder from which will be loaded templates can be chosen in the Options dialog box.

    Image 7. Window "Templates crossword".


    Item "Automation->Compile" searches for words in a dictionary, followed by inserting the words in the crossword grid and the question - in the list of questions. In application settings you can specify the number of times that words will be selected. In this crossword will be automatically saved in the specified in your game, folder. If you select the "Export", then be exported to a specified format. He is specified in the same place in your game. With automatic export to image, questions and answers will be saved in a folder with the exported image.
    And the question and the word can be edited manually, clicking the word in the grid or a question in the list of issues.


    Semi-automatic selection of words from the dictionary is a choice in accordance with the condition. In the selection condition includes: the number of letters and those letters that are already in the word. If the letters in the word no, then the choice is arbitrary, with a prescribed number of letters. The window shown on Image 8. This window is invoked by double-clicking the cell in the selected word or double-clicking on the list of questions. It works only with the active menu item "Edit->Word".

    Image 8. Window "Insert of semiautomatic".


    Element "Service->View dictionaries" provides an opportunity to open the dictionary to add or delete words. Image 9 shows main dictionary table. When you double-click on the line with the appropriate number of letters in the word - open table in which is a list of words with the questions (Image 10).

    Image 9. Window "Dictionary: Main table".

    Image 10. Window "Dictionary: Table - n letters".

    Dictionary is a database SQLite 3. Therefore, the addition or deletion of words is by adding or removing corresponding entries in the database. It will be necessary to take into account that when you add / delete a record retention occurs automatically, but if you change entries in the location chosen her words and / or issue, keep a record will need to manually, by pressing the button "Save." At close window changed record (write word) will not be saved.


    Element "Service->Dictionary management" allows you to create your dictionary from a text file in UTF-8. The first line must contain the first word, the second line should contain the interpretation (question) of the first word, and so on(Image 11).

    Image 11. Example of a text file.


    To open the crossword is necessary: in the "Crossword" select "Open..." - Open The Open dialog box crossword puzzle, which is shown in Image 12.

    Image 12. Window "Open crossword".


    To edit the crossword grid used the same tools as for creation just change the window grid crossword is called from the menu "Edit->Grid...".


    Change language comes from the "Options" window.


    Saving is selecting the menu item "Crossword->Save".


    For solving a crossword puzzle, you must click on the white grid area. There will be a selection of white cells, change color to green, from one black to another. Focus moves to the field "Enter the word" where you can be fit the right word, after reading the question, which is below the field. At the same time highlight the issue in the list of issues bottom of the window. Conversely, you can highlight the issue in the list of issues - will automatically get a green word in the grid crossword puzzle (Image 13).

    Image 13. Guessing crossword.


    Crossword possesses the function of maintaining the current status of unsolved crossword puzzle, so you can solve it until the end. It is available from the item "Save" in the "Crossword", in the view mode.


    Opening maintain the current status of incompletely guessed crossword happens when you select Open saved... " from the "Crossword", in the view mode.


    After the user has guessed the crossword puzzle or no longer able to guess a single word, he can check how true undeciphered crossword puzzle, select "Crossword->Check". There will be a comparison of his words with the correct answers, the result will be presented as a percentage. Next, open the Statistics window so that he could look at the overall picture of their guess.


    When you select the menu "Crossword->Export", opens the window shown in Image 14. After selecting the desired file type - game will save the crossword puzzle in the right format (RTF, PDF, PostScript(*.ps), HTML, Текстовый формат AcrossLite, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, XPM, PNG, XBM, PPM, OpenKlest(*.ok)). When exporting to image, questions and answers will be stored in files with the appropriate names. These files are plain text, encoded in UTF-8. They will be stored in specified in the parameters of the game folder.

    Image 14. Selecting a file type for exporting images.


    "Crossword->Print" allows you to make print crossword. At this point is checked only print to a file(PDF, PostScript).


    Statistics is a table in which there are: user name, the name of a crossword puzzle, crossword percentage guessing the date and time of termination guessing crossword. Image 15.

    Image 15. Window "Statistics".


    For convenience the configuration game, all the basic settings are gathered in one window "Options". Image 16.

    Image 16. Window "Options".


    Exit the game is carried out from the "Crossword->Exit".


    Main Menu

    Menu "Crossword"

    "Crossword->Create..." (Ctrl+N)

    Opens a window where you can enter the parameters of a new crossword puzzle.

    "Crossword->Open..." (Ctrl+O)

    Opens a dialog box that is used to open files crosswords.

    "Crossword->Import..." (Ctrl+I)

    Imports crossword.


    Needed to close the open crossword.

    "Crossword->Save (Edit Mode crossword) (Ctrl+S)

    Designed to save a newly created or modified open crossword.

    "Crossword->Save (Mode crossword) (Ctrl+S)

    Designed to preserve the current state of incomplete guessed crossword.

    "Crossword->Save As..." (Ctrl+Shift+S)

    Designed to save a newly created or modified open crossword under another name.

    "Crossword->Check" (Ctrl+C)

    Checks are correctly guessed the crossword puzzle.

    "Crossword->Export..." (Ctrl+E)

    Exports crossword puzzle.

    "Crossword->Print..." (Ctrl+P)

    Print crossword.

    "Crossword->Exit" (Ctrl+Q)

    Closes the game.


    Menu "Edit"


    Shows a window where you can edit the crossword grid.

    "Edit->Font..." (Ctrl+F)

    Opens a dialog box to change the font grid crossword. Font changes only for the entire grid, not affecting, in this case, a list of questions and a list of words.

    "Edit->Color cell->Symmetrically" (Ctrl+Alt+S)

    Switching crossword mode symmetric editing colors of cells, to create a crossword puzzle grid.

    "Edit->Color cell->Do not symmetric" (Ctrl+Alt+N)

    Switching crossword in an asymmetric mode to edit colors of cells, to create a crossword puzzle grid.

    "Edit->Words" (Ctrl+Alt+W)

    Crossword Switch to edit mode words, to enter words in the crossword.

    "Edit->Clear->Grid" (Ctrl+Shift+G)

    Clear grid of the crossword.

    "Edit->Clear->Words" (Ctrl+Shift+W)

    Delete selected words from the crossword.

    "Edit->Clear->All" (Ctrl+Shift+A)

    Delete selected words from the crossword and clear the grid.

    "Edit->Mirror->Vertically" (Ctrl+V)

    Mirror reflection the crossword of vertically.

    "Edit->Mirror->Horisontally" (Ctrl+H)

    Mirror reflection the crossword of horisontally.

    "Edit->Inversion" (Ctrl+I)

    Inversion of the crossword.

    "Edit->Rotate->To the right"

    Rotates the crossword grid on the right.

    "Edit->Rotate->To the left"

    Rotates the crossword grid on the left.


    Menu "Automation"

    "Automation->Grid" (Ctrl+G)

    Automatically creates a crossword puzzle grid.

    "Automation->Compile" (Ctrl+W)

    Automatically selects words from the dictionary by inserting a crossword puzzle grid.


    Menu "Service"

    "Service->Statistics" (Ctrl+Shift+O)

    Opens window of the statistics.

    "Service->Templates..." (Ctrl+T)

    Opens a dialog box with the available templates.

    "Service->View dictionaries" (Ctrl+D)

    Opens a window to view the dictionary.

    "Service->Dictionary management"

    Opens the dictionary management.

    "Service->Options" (Ctrl+Shift+P)

    Opening of the window, for edit of options.


    Menu "Mode"

    "Mode->Editing" (Ctrl+Shift+E)

    Switching the game to editing mode the crossword.

    "Mode->Guessing" (Ctrl+Shift+V)

    Switching the game to guessing mode the crossword.


    Menu "Help"

    "Help->User manual" (F1)

    Opens a game manual.

    "Help->Donate" (Alt+D)

    View donations page.

    "Help->Get Source" (Alt+S)

    Get the source code of the game.

    "Help->Get techsupport" (Alt+T)

    Open page technical support.

    "Help->Report a bug..." (Alt+B)

    Report a bug, using the bug-tracker.

    "Help->Check for updates" (Alt+U)

    Check for updates from the internet.

    "Help->About game" (F2)

    Displays information about the game and its version.

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