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To enable this program to Linux OS distributions do not need my permission.

Policy of version numbering:

Version number a.b.c - a - a 2-fold increase in function (relative to 1.0.0), b - a major change (such as adding support for new file format), c - 10 small changes.


It all began with that in Oskolsky Polytechnic College (hereafter OPC), where I studied, it was necessary to hold an open event. Ideas a long time don't was, but then, my class teacher, had the thought that you can do something similar to "Field of Miracles" as an idea to conduct himself "Field of Miracles," failed after failed physical realize drum. There were a few minor bugs that have the same negative impact on this idea.
Without hesitation, remembering that we are a group of programmers, it was decided to use the computer. Here again came to the aid of our leader. Invited to make a crossword puzzle.
After the redistribution of responsibilities - set to work. Some began to make a crossword puzzle, and I hung task is to make software implementation of this crossword. Gritting your teeth - did. I then knew little about programming, and Delphi, which I did not differ outstanding options (it now they will not shine:)). Digress: Delphi - a language to quickly write programs corporate level. By creating a UML-diagram, you can by pressing a button to get the code. Another is the case when the simple (especially novice programmer) have to write programs not because he wants to, and be content with the opportunities at Delphi there. Helps out yet that the one who made the more experienced additional components and shared with others. Who it worked I would understand.
Continue writing in Delphi, I could not :( , for the above mentioned reasons.
Learning from the first year student I am, after many calculations and analysis software market as a whole, the growing global economic crisis, review, familiarity with the language of UML 2.0 - decided to start learning C++, in conjunction with a library of Qt4. Since March, 2009 began to write the this same crossword puzzle to test new tools of development. The first results were impressive! And, May 5, 2010 - released first stable version of "Klest-crossword".


"Klest-crossword" - program for creating crossword puzzles. Designed for professional compiling, editing and easy guessing the classic crossword puzzles. Contains more than 1,000 crossword puzzles to guess. Provides a lot of tools for creating a crossword puzzle. It a dictionary of 31 000 Russian words and a dictionary of 41 000 English words.
All functions:
  • - Creating;
  • - Guessing;
  • - Check correctness of guessing;
  • - Save state incompletely guessed crossword puzzle;
  • - Automatic creation of crossword puzzle grid (beta);
  • - Automatic compile of crossword;
  • - Semi-automatic compilation;
  • - Editing the dictionaries;
  • - Saving created a crossword puzzle grid, as a template for the new;
  • - Editing the font crossword;
  • - Manually creation of the grid;
  • - Export crossword: RTF, PDF, PostScript(*.ps), HTML, Текстовый формат AcrossLite, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, XPM, PNG, XBM, PPM, OpenKlest(*.ok).
  • - Import crossword:Text format Across Lite, OpenKlest(*.ok);
  • - Print crossword;
  • - Statistics;

  • Manuals (view):
  • Manuals (download):
  • The plans:

    It is planned to make it so that it could replace all the existing analogues, both commercial and free. Such a problem is posed, to display all capabilities the libraries Qt. For novice programmers to evaluate the limitless possibilities of the library.

    New crosswords puzzles:

    New templates:

    Format Description OpenKlest:

    This binary file format crossword designed so that it is possible simply to make it support other programming languages other than C++. It is exported by means of a pure C++, without empowering library Qt.
    //File version
    char cFileBegin[14] = "OpenKlest-1.0~";

    //Number of rows crossword
    uint uiRowCount;

    //Number of columns crossword
    uint uiColumnCount;

    //Width (height) of the cell
    uint uiRowHeight;

    //If the cell is black
    ;QChar qcCell = 'b';

    //If the cell is white
    ;QChar qcCell = 'w';

    //Cycle from 0 to uiRowCount
    //Nested Cycle from 0 to uiColumnCount
    ushort usCell = qcCell.unicode() + 1;

    //Number of words
    uint uiWordCount;

    //Coordinates of the line arrangement of words in the crossword grid;
    //Cycle from 0 to uiWordCount
    ushort usWordRow;

    //Column coordinate location of words in the crossword grid;
    //Cycle from 0 to uiWordCount
    ushort usWordColumn;

    //If the word vertical
    ;QChar qcDirection = 'v';

    //If the word horizontal
    ;QChar qcDirection = 'h';

    //Direction of words in the crossword grid;
    //Cycle from 0 to uiWordCount
    ushort usWordDirection = qcDirection.unicode();

    //Length of words in the crossword grid;
    //Cycle from 0 to uiWordCount
    ushort usWordLength;

    ;string sWord;

    //Cycle from 0 to uiWordCount
    char cWord[sWord.length()];

    //Length of the question; Cycle from 0 to uiWordCount
    ushort usQuestionLength;

    ;string sQuestion;

    //Cycle от 0 до uiWordCount
    char cQuestion[sQuestion.length()];

    //Mark end of file
    char cFileEnd[10] = "~OpenKlest";

    Lab Free Technologies © 2009 - 2016

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