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To enable this program to Linux OS distributions do not need my permission.

Policy of version numbering:

Version number a.b.c - a - sequence of changes with respect to b and c, b - a major change (such as adding support for new file format), c - 10 small changes.


One day, while studying in Oskolsky Polytechnic College (hereafter OPC), I got to the teachers' council. My role there was a helper responsible for the equipment on which it was necessary to show the presentation (computer, speakers, projector). It was so to say the practice to monitor the behavior of programs installed on this equipment, in order to study the causes of abnormal situations and their subsequent elimination. This was made possible thanks to my abnormal desire to learn programming and information technology together.

So, looking at equipment, with half an ear listening to what is happening in the education sector as a whole and in OPC, specifically. Then he heard the deputy director of educational and methodological work said that in our college and no database of electronic books and software for their creation. The purchase was impossible, because the college had no funds for the acquisition of existing programs, due to their high cost.

After a brief deliberation, should look like e-books, that's enough for me my knowledge of Delphi (they were small) to write a program to create electronic books, I came to the conclusion that it is worth a try. This, he thought, would be a sort of test myself and Delphi. I then knew that a lot of programming languages, they are all different. And in the so-called search for the best or khotyaby suitable for future writing programs, working in any company.

When the deputy director heard my offer, then agreed to see what I can make. After the first show a simple text editor, worked with the format of RTF, began working together on a writing program: Deputy Director - as an insider in the development of manuals and requirements to them, and me as a student-programmer to implement all the requirements for a future program for creating electronic books.

Once I was plagued with problems associated with the mapping of tables and images in the text, the project had to stop, although the 2-year development and managed to get 2 nd letters: one - Honorable Mention (last place:)) for scientific work Create informatsionnay system "Electronic Library" in Belgorod, the second - the second in the regional competition of scientific and technical creativity of students of secondary vocational schools (XIV Russian Student Scientific Conference "Youth and Science of XXI Century"), held in town Zheleznogorsk.

Build legacy for Windows can see here

In November 2009 I was determined that using the library Qt, I could rewrite the Electronic Library on C++. He started - and April 16, 2010 release of the first stable version "Klen-library.


The "Klen-library" a program for creating electronic books. Designed for professional writing and reading electronic books and electronic manuals. It consists of 2 modules: a module creating the book and module reading books. There is password protection of every book and the editing mode. With its current functions, you can create quite a good book for easy reading for all students and schoolchildren. There is a print function - this makes the program self-sufficient, as it allows for creation of the book not to use third-party text editors. Since all the books are stored centrally in a database, then it increases the reliability of their safety. Database SQLite3. This allows you to have a database file on any server (Windows, GNU / Linux, etc.), without having to install the database server. The functions of import and export of books allow you to send books to those who have "Klen-library" is not installed, and vice versa - to read other documents in this program.
All functions:
  • - Working with multiple libraries;
  • - Creation of a textbook;
  • - Reading the textbook;
  • - Rich editing the text of the textbook;
  • - Search the text of the book;
  • - Export of textbooks into the file(s): XWB, HTML, TXT, PDF, PostScript, RTF;
  • - Import of textbooks from the file(s): XWB, HTML, TXT;
  • - Print book;
  • - Inserting image;
  • - Working with table;
  • - Adding / removing pages of the book;
  • - Protection of books with a password;
  • - Password protection mode editing;
  • - There is a module testing(*);
  • - Adding more information;
  • - Backup library;

  • Manuals (view):
  • Manuals (download):
  • The plans:

    The main task - to give schools the most simple to use, very accessible, in terms of acquisition, the most functional program for creating electronic books. Such a problem is posed, to educational institutions was easier to switch from proprietary software to free, because the program cross-platform and absolutely free.

    Bright future of education, it is now unquestionably can be argued, is only possible when using free software In order to avoid monopolization of the market among producers. Free project means freedom of thought, freedom of use and participation of everyone who wants to improve the socio-needed programs.

    New books:

    If you have something to share with the people, then send your books or manuals in the format of Klen-library XWB. You can archive, but not *. exe - it must be decompressed on any OS. Therefore, treat seriously the creation of illustrations, since the size depends largely on them. It will be posted only materials do not violate copyright laws.

    New manuals:

    This category also applies to information about the decision of any particular problem in programming or in any OS.

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