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The name of program:

Ersh-generator - a generic name of the program. It means that the source code it is the creative work of the laboratory and can be used to reproduce, modify, and further distribution without, in my hand, permit.

Policy of version numbering:

Version number a.b.c - a - a 2-fold increase in function (relative to 1.0.0), b - a major change (such as adding support for new file format), c - 10 small changes.


With each release of the program and writing the news, I had a lot of problems with editing my static site. For a long time I did not dare to automate this process, because I thought that would have something to write. In connection with the beginning of my work in computer repair, I had to add new pages of site, and this is again on each page links to manually edit partitions. I began to search for a program for the automation of routine actions. To my deep regret, I did not find any normal program that was easy to install and follow-up work. One program needed a Web server, installation and configuration of the other interpreter, and some programs were only console without a GUI. Nearly six months, I collected his thoughts and sought free time for the start of development.
07/08/2015 it was announced the project and 12/01/2015 year published the first stable version of the program Ersh-generator.


"Ersh-generator" Ersh-generator - cross-platform program for generating static html-sites. It is a program is designed for professional editing and generating static html-sites.
All Options:
  • - Editing of html-pages;
  • - Creating additional Ersh-tags;
  • - Batch generate html-pages of the site;

  • Manuals (view):
  • Manuals (download):
  • The plans:

    Create a good alternative to the existing generator static sites with a clear and simple graphical interface.

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