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Description of the project

  • Information about author, contact Information, details of electronic invoices.
  • Lab Free Technologies is a cross-platform software (ShelkTest, Klen-library, Klest-crossword, OpenKlest, Editor of the classic crossword, Classic crossword puzzle), developed using Qt4 libraries in C++ language, OpenKlest(Lazarus - FreePascal) under the GNU General Public License, version 2 ( GNU GPLv2 ), ie, absolutely Free.
  • Main objective of the project is to develop a free cross-platform programs for the education sector.

    In many respects, will your children to school or university with a hunt, or even with joy, have become more dependent on the quality of equipment in computer rooms and installed software. Therefore, when writing programs, i try to make them as comfortable and maximally as portable as the use of platform-dependent technology is not considered possible, the lack of visibility in corollary prospects of using all the same platform. In the proof can be an example of what Sun (now Oracle), opening the source code for your office suite StarOffice - got a huge audience of developers from around the world high rate of development of all programs included in the package. Outdoor version of the well known as OpenOffice.org. After passing some time, StarOffice was based on the source code of OpenOffice.org.

    Going in the footsteps of all rationally take into account the time, resources, term projects, it was decided in the "Laboratory" to start using free technology.
  • Programs coming out of the "Laboratory" is already receiving awards with different directory of software. All this despite the youth project. It also suggests that we are serious and willing to continue in the same spirit, making their projects to the conscience.
  • History of creation:

    In 2004 I enrolled in the Oskol Polytechnic College. There have learned from my fellow students, that there is a programming language like Delphi. Took the book (can not remember the author) to read - enjoyed it. Then he bought a book "Programming in Delphi 7" AY Archangel. Once started receiving the first programs I am seriously interested in learning this programming language. Bought and read a book.

    In early 2005, I proposed the idea of writing a program for the comprehensive automation of the learning process. I decided that I could write it without knowing the entire scope of work, and started to create.

    4 th year I was its development - is now the project is frozen.
    Work Program and source code.

    By 2008, the ninth year, I already knew that there was a much better programming languages Delphi and some of them are cross platform. In 2008, buy a book M. Shlee "Qt4. Professional programming in C". In 2009 he began to study it. To test the new tools of development I was selected crossword. After the first results has decided to open the project. And, 07/01/2009 Open Project. Became available to the users website. Its direction in the education sector, TBA. In connection with the use to write programs that only free tools (operating system, programming language, etc.), the project was called "Lab Free technologies". It also svzano that for writing programs is research, because It was decided not to use ready-made templates.
  • Laboratory equipment:

    • PC: CPU Pentium4 3,2 GHz HT EM64T, DDR 3 GB, VGA NVidia GeForce 8600 GT, HDD Seagate 250 ГБ SATA, HDD2 Seagate 1000 ГБ SATA
    • Mobile phone: Sony Ericsson K700i
  • Equipment needed:

    • Notebook: 13" Apple MacBook Pro 13 MD313RS/A CPU Core i5 2.4 GHz DDR 4GB HDD 500GB. (The acceleration of the assembly, development, testing programs, working with real hardware)
    • Notebook: 13" ASUS U31SG CPU Core i3-2350M 2.3 GHz DDR 4GB HDD 500GB(Organization of a real network to test the software, the backup operating system, use the program Skype :), used in the future of business travel)
    • Cell phone: ARM-Windows Phone, ARM-MeeGo, ARM-Android, IPhone(development and testing programs on real hardware)
    • Other: Mips-netbook, Sparc-Notebook, MeeGo-netbook
    • Upgrading working PC desktop: CPU S1155 Intel Core i7-2600 3.4 GHz Quad Core IVT/HT/EM64T/SSE до 4.1 + system board under it, DDR3 8 GB, 2*HDD Seagate 250 GB SATAIII, 2*HDD2 Seagate 1000 GB SATAIII(organization of RAID-array = increase in reliability + additional performance) Donate.

Lab Free Technologies © 2009 - 2016

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